A Little About Me

My name is Justin Myers and I am an aspiring Web and Graphic Designer with a passion for photography and videography. Over the years, I have learned to express myself through photography and web design. Both of which have been hobbies of mine since I was younger.

During high school, I started taking web design and other computer based classes. I continued these subjects through my time at Bowling Green State University where I also enrolled in photography and graphic design courses. If you would like to learn more about my education and previous work history, check out my resume.

A Brief History

Growing up in Sandusky, I was able to visit Cedar Point almost everyday. As I got older, I realized not everyone knew about Cedar Point. In 2005, I founded Impulsive Studios to showcase some of the skills I have aquired while teaching myself HTML and CSS, as well as a way to help people learn about and experience Cedar Point.

Impulsive Studios has since expanded to include other parks such as, Kings Island, Geauga Lake, Holiday World, and Six Flag New England. Head over to impulsivestudios.com to learn more.

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