A Little About Me

My name is Justin Myers, and I am currently pursuing my passion for Environmental Science at the University of Toledo. Transitioning from my initial interests in web and graphic design, photography, videography, and engineering, I have found a profound interest in understanding and addressing environmental challenges.

During my high school years, I was engaged in computer-based classes, which laid the groundwork for one of my initial career paths. However, as I progressed through my academic journey, my interests evolved, leading me to the field of Environmental Science. For more insights into my educational background and work history, I invite you to review my resume.

A Brief History

Originally from Sandusky, my early experiences were shaped by frequent visits to Cedar Point, sparking a curiosity about the world beyond my immediate environment. In 2005, I founded Impulsive Studios, not only as a platform to share my skills in HTML and CSS but also as a means to connect others with the thrill and excitement of amusement parks, including Cedar Point. This venture symbolizes my early drive to create and share experiences, a drive that has since transitioned into a commitment to environmental advocacy and education.

Over the years, Impulsive Studios expanded its focus to include various amusement parks, such as Kings Island, Geauga Lake, Holiday World, and Six Flags New England. Today, while my career path has shifted towards Environmental Science, the skills and insights gained from my previous endeavors continue to influence my approach to environmental issues. To learn more, visit impulsivestudios.com.

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